About Us

FITNESS 1440 is not about lifting weights and grinding out hours on cardio. It’s about changing lives and giving you the tools to enjoy your other activities.

We are here to make sure you are in the shape to do the things you love to do, the things you want to be able to do again, or the things you never did but are going to do.

It takes a team to win the game and we are teaming up with our members to get them back on the slopes, on the field, to the end of that first marathon, or back on their feet.

Our Objective is To:

• Offer the best in select family programs that appeal to a wide spectrum of ages and abilities
• Emphasize that fitness is fun and leads to healthier, happier lifestyles
• Provide fitness leadership, information, opportunity and motivation, which will ultimately
benefit each member in the reduction of preventable health risk factors
• The Fitness 1440 Team is proud to demonstrate awareness, consistency and commitment to each and every member’s fitness goals!

Fitness 1440 will provide you with the most modern and professional health club imaginable. More importantly, we will strive to meet the high level of client satisfaction that you expect from your health club.

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