100% Money Back Guarantee

poster4webNew Program – Only Offered At Fitness 1440 Marietta – The “Body-Back” Guarantee

Are you serious about getting results? Well, if you are, then Fitness 1440 is going to put our money where our mouths are. Fitness 1440 Marietta is now offering a Money Back Guarantee Training Program.
You read that correctly, we are offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee with our new training program. What do you have to lose except pounds and inches. If you are interested, inquire with any personal trainer to share the details of this unique and special program.

Body Back Guarantee Program Guidelines

  1. Program is $299 for 12 weeks(1 session per week) more session can be purchased and these session can be used in addition to any other session client might have
  2. Clients who participate must adhere to the following in order to be eligible for receiving money back:
  3. Client must use all 12 sessions
  4. Client must participate in bi-weekly weigh ins
  5. Client must participate in initial evaluation to determine starting point
  6. Clients must agree to follow the QWIK Results Nutrition program and use a food journal (body mind workout and food journal $10)
  7. Client must agree to use the club at least 24 times over 12 weeks
  8. Results will be determined by a reduction in inches, body fat and weight. Any reduction in any of these areas will constitute the members achieving “results”
  9. Member must sign and acknowledge the Body Back Guarantee Participation Acknowledgment Form.
  10. Fitness 1440 reserves the right to cancel the program and refund money if we feel the participant is not participating properly and adhering to the program guidelines.