Class Discriptions

SilverSneakers Circuit – SilverSneakers Circuit class offers more cardiovascular and muscular endurance conditioning over our CLASSIC core class.  Upper-body strength work with hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a Silver Sneakers ball is alternated with non-impact aerobic choreography.  A chair is offered for support, stretching, and relaxation exercises.  45Mins.

SilverSneakers CLASSIC – SilverSneakers Muscular Strength & Range of Movement core class. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, a SilverSneakers ball are offered for resistance, and a chair is used for seated and/or standing support.  45Mins.

SilverSneakers Yoga – SilverSneakers Yoga guides you through gentle yoga postures to improve breathing, flexibility, balance, muscular strength and endurance and joint range of movement.  Movements are presented with a chair for seated and standing support and final relaxation segment.

Zumba Gold –Zumba Gold takes the popular Latin-dance inspired workout of Zumba and makes it accessible for seniors, beginners or others needing modifications in their exercise routine. Zumba Gold builds cardiovascular health by challenging the heart and working the muscles of the hips, legs and arms with dance moves.

GET FIT(Cardio/weights) Bootcamp inspired, a fun full-body workout that provides cardio, strength, and core work through circuits and intervals with an ever-changing format to keep your body guessing! This class is both FUN!!! As well as MOTIVATING!!!

 GET PUMPED – (Weight training) – Get better results and jump start that resting metabolism with Get Pumped.  No need to hit the gym floor to get your resistance training workout….come to Get Pumped and have fun while you weight train. Get Pumped combines great music with using weighted barbells for a super fun workout. Get Pumped is for all levels of fitness as you decide how much weight to use on your barbell. 60 Min.

GET MOVING – (Cardio workout) A low impact, medium intensity class with a focus on overall body conditioning implementing both a cardio  and a light resistance training workout. Great for all members, including Silver Sneakers/Silver&Fit members. Low impact aerobics work out finished with seated resistant training and a yoga style stretch and meditation.

GET LEAN – (Cardio/Weight/Bootcamp) is the most innovative functional training program developed that can help you burn up to 800 calories an hour.  With over 200 different exercises to choose from, your FitPro trainer will select 12-15 for the group to participate in over a 45-minute period which will provide you an overall body workout.

GET ZEN (Yoga)Training for the mind, body and spirit.  Includes controlled yoga postures to increase strength and flexibility.  60mins.

GET ACTIVE(STEP) – (Cardio)High and low impact aerobics utilizing steps and weights for a great calorie burning workout.  GET ACTIVE combines elements of cardio with hand held weights and combines them with fun, motivational music. This is not your mothers Step class. This class is is for beginners and folks who are more advanced. 60 Mins

GET LIMBER – (Stretching) (30 min class) Flexibility is paramount for a health body. We have designed a 30 minute stretch class that focuses on the areas of the body that are needed for improved flexibility and to reduce injury such as the hamstrings, quads, lower back and shoulders.

TAI CHI – Tai Chi has evolved into a graceful form of exercise that’s now used for stress reduction and a variety of other health conditions. Often described as meditation in motion, Tai Chi promotes serenity through gentle, flowing movements performed in a slow, focused manner, accompanied by deep breathing.

H20 Aerobics – A low impact class that utilizes the natural resistance of water and water weights.  60Mins.

Zumba H2O – Fitness is a splash with Aqua Zumba, our invigorating, low-impact aquatic exercise classes. Known as the Zumba “pool party,” Aqua Zumba gives new meaning to the idea of a refreshing workout.

ZUMBA – Latin inspired cardio fitness class that incorporates traditional Latin and international dance moves into a high energy aerobic workout.

ZUMBA TONE AND SCULPT – ZUMBA class while utilizing weights