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December 8th

Think Before You Drink | Holiday Beverages and Calories

At least one-fifth of the calories you consume come from things you drink, and let’s face it, you’re much more likely to tip back a glass or two during the holidays. Here’s the calorie lowdown on some classic holiday drinks, how much treadmill time they’ll...

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December 8th

The Fitness:1440 Twelve Days of Fitness Workout

We know, we know. Between the parties and the family meals and the cookies at the office, it’s hard to keep weight off around the holidays. But if you try our fun 12 Days of Fitness Workout you’ll be sure to stay on track just...

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We’ve developed a simple, proven, science-based exercise program that redefines physical training, maximizes your total gym experience, and helps you achieve your fitness goals.

how it works

With an open class format, Target24™ is designed to match each member’s unique desires and fitness objectives. When each member signs on, they meet a highly-skilled and certified personal trainer to determine the specific goals they’d like to achieve. Three benefits of the Target:24™ program include:


Through technology, each member’s performance is displayed on interactive screens throughout the gym. This ensures they stay focused on their goals.


Members go through twelve 30-second intervals four times. The routine changes every 30-days to maximize muscle and mind stimulation.


During a member’s workout, their heart rate will be displayed throughout the club. This ensures that each member will get the most efficient workout every time.


We are in the business of motivating communities to mobilize and energize one another.

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