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Amanda Knapp Yoga Instructor Fitness 1440

Amanda KnappInstructor

Amanda started practicing yoga in 2006 and fell in LOVE with the teachings, philosophy, and physical practice. She wanted to share this passion with others, in hopes that they too would find the same joy in taking a yoga class that she did, and continues to do. Amanda received her 200 yoga teacher training in 2010 from an Ashtanga inspired studio, EightLim Yoga, in Phoenix. Since that time she has continued teaching and practicing regularly and attending workshops and other yoga inspired events. She currently teaches a basic vinyasa flow class that incorporates movement, basic postures, and a strong focus on the breath. No two classes with Amanda are ever the same! Not only what she teaches but what the student experiences. Amanda maintains that Yoga provides a means to be present, to become more aware of the body and its wonderful quarks. She also believes that if one practices yoga regularly, they will not only see mental but also physical changes – strength, flexibility, and balance.

Amanda believes that the body can do amazing things and stresses the importance of taking care of your body because it’s the only one you’ve got! Thus, her philosophy in life and in exercise it to NEVER STOP MOVING! Be kind to yourself and see what possibilities abound.

Judi Tugwell Pilates Instructor Bend, Oregon

Judi TugwellInstructor

Hi, my name is Judi Tugwell. I graduated from COCC in 2013 with my Associates in Exercise Science. I am a certified personal trainer through ACSM, and am also certified in land and water group exercise through Arthritis Foundation. I teach several varieties of group exercise and enjoy all of them for the benefits they each provide; but one of my true passions is Pilates. I started practicing in 2009 after experiencing an injury and through regular practice Pilates helped me through my rehabilitation process. I have personally gained improvements in my posture, strength, flexibility, and balance. One of the most significant points of the Pilates program is its ability to increase the strength of stabilizer muscles that may not commonly be worked out in a standard exercise program. Pilates also stresses the use of graceful and fluid movements that can be a great way to get a better sense of the kinesthetic of your body. Pilates not only helps tone your body, but your mind and spirit as well. The smooth, precise and flowing movements of Pilates are designed to make you more mindful of your body. I truly enjoy sharing not only my passion for Pilates but my love for exercise and wellness as a whole. I fully believe that health and wellness are a combination of taking care of your physical body through clean eating and varied forms of daily exercise, engaging your mind through continued learning of whatever you enjoy, and giving love and attention to your spirit to maintain balance in your life.

Rae Aldrich Fitness Instructor Fitness 1440

Rae AldrichInstructor

As a native Oregonian and longtime Bend resident I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle. I love outside activities especially hiking in our beautiful mountains. My love for group fitness started with Jazzercise in the 80’s. That love has expanded to include all types of Group Fitness such as Zumba and Cardio Dance Fusion. Teaching Cardio Dance Fusion allows me to share my knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, group fitness. I recently received my American Council for Exercise (ACE) Group Fitness certification. I’m dedicated to helping all individuals achieve their fitness goals in a fun and positive atmosphere.

Kaye House Zumba Instructor Fitness 1440

Kaye Kulaszewicz HouseInstructor

As an exercise enthusiast for over three decades, and having enjoyed the numerous physical, emotional, and health benefits of an active lifestyle; I have developed an absolute passion for fitness. I have made it my personal mission to help members of my community improve THEIR physical health, and emotional well-being, through exercise. I live by my personal mantra, “why walk when you can DANCE”, and will be seen doing so given any opportunity. I discovered Zumba Fitness over a decade ago and knew from my first booty shaking, calorie-torching, class that I was destined to become an instructor. Zumba Fitness has allowed me to share my passion for exercise, and love, love, LOVE of dance, with some of the most dynamic women and men in Central Oregon. It’s so rewarding and heartwarming to witness the transformations in confidence, body image, and physiques among my class participants. Infectious laughter, perma-grins, shaking booty’s, and dripping sweat, epitomizes the Zumba Fitness experience- exercise in disguise!

In addition to maintaining my “ACE” (American Council for Exercise) Group Fitness Certification, I’m licensed to teach traditional Zumba Fitness classes, Zumba Toning, and Zumba Step classes – a trifecta of Zumba Fitness goodness- that offers something for everyone. I also teach a 70 minute high intensity “cardio dance” format, set to all genres of heart pounding music, designed to rev your metabolism and maximize your after-burn.

I currently have the privilege of coordinating the Group Fitness program at this Northside location of Fitness 1440. I feel truly blessed to work with such an exceptional, passionate, group of fitness-minded, customer-centric, women and men with a shared vision of transforming Fitness 1440 Northside into THE place to GET YOUR FIT on. I encourage everyone to check-out our extensive Group Fitness class offerings and try out a class TODAY!

When not shimmying and shaking with my students, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful husband, three adorable children, and three furry friends.

Phil Gebauer Personal Trainer Fitness 1440 Bend, Oregon

Phil GebauerInstructor

Phil is a life-long martial artist, a black belt in karate, and a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu. Phil has been a professional MMA fighter and martial arts instructor since 2011. Phil draws off of his varied experience and expertise when designing marital arts inspired workouts that infuse cardio and strength training into one kick butt session. Blast calories, burn fat, and workout your frustrations during his hour long classes.

Fitness 1440 Bend, Oregon Personal Trainer

Amber KnudsenInstructor

Amber has been doing Zumba since 2007 when she first discovered it at a local gym on the Central Oregon coast. Her first instructor was in her 60’s and in great shape and full of energy and life. That inspired Amber to join the fun and get fit doing it. She got licensed to teach because it is her passion and she wants to share the fun and inspire others with the dance party workout. She loves working with kids and is a mental health counselor with Deschutes County Juvenile Detention and even does Zumba with them during gym time.  It’s a great way to release stress for them, have fun, and stay healthy too. In the summertime she likes to hike with her dog, Matty, and float the river. Any chance she gets to go the the coast of Oregon, where she grew up, she takes.

Fitness 1440 Yoga Instructor


Emmerson graduated from his classic Yoga training at Namaspa in January 2016. He loves to study various techniques to create the ultimate human optimization routine. He believes that by using this older than history practice, and new age knowledge of the body, we can truly begin to evolve.

Brett Braatz Fitness 1440 Bend, Oregon staff

Brett BraatzInstructor

Brett began practicing yoga in 2004. Since then, he experienced several spontaneous and life transforming realizations which occurred during the practice of yoga or immediately following it. Being a scientist, Brett sought to understand the connection between these experiences and the practice of yoga. His research led him to understand that experiences like the ones he had are well known in the wisdom traditions which Yogis have been developing and transmitting for over 10,000 years. Brett’s desire to give others an opportunity to experience the gifts of yoga led to his 2010 200 hour certification in Purna Yoga, a heart-centered Iyengar-based style. Brett understands that the practice of yoga; 1) opens the body which gives rise to physical health,2) opens the mind which gives rise to mental health, and 3) opens the heart to reveal the True-Self within which leads to total the acceptance and unconditional love of self and others. His goal for every class is to take you on a body-mind-spirit experiential journey that will open you to the gifts of yoga. In 2014, Brett relocated to Bend, OR and is teaching yoga in corporate settings.

B.S. Marquette University, Electrical Engineering

Master of Science, University of Utah, Electrical Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy, University of Utah, Electrical Engineering.

E-200 hr. The College of Purna Yoga, Bellevue, WA

Vinyasa Krama: The Energetics of Sequencing (40 Hrs.), Rod Stryker, PARA Yoga

Tricia Braatz Fitness 1440 Fitness Instructor

Tricia BraatzInstructor

Certified yoga therapist, instructor, and educator who began her personal yoga practice and journey in 1998.

* Workshops and additional trainings include, Joseph and Lilian LePage, Aadil Palkhivala, Tias Little, Maria KaliMa Mendoza, Rod Stryker, Hala Khouri, Shiva Rea, and Daren Friesen

* 10 years of experience teaching yoga to students of all ages and ability levels including; Ashtanga , Iyengar alignment principled yoga to students in health clubs and yoga studios, therapeutic yoga in both clinical and private practice, adaptive yoga for chronic health conditions, yoga for trauma and grief relief, cancer patients, addiction, corporate yoga, and yoga for stress and pain reduction. Her mission is to create a sacred, safe, open and inclusive space for all clients.

Tricia follows the yoga therapy model, an emerging science and field, which is based on Pantanjali’s yoga sutra philosophy, the Eight Limbs of Yoga, Western psychology, and Ayurvedic science. She teaches powerful stress reducing yoga therapy techniques including therapeutic asana, pranayama (breathing practices), meditation(breath awareness with observation of the fluctuations in the mind and what impact that has on the clients’ psychology), mudra (hand gestures which invite positive qualities within the body and mind which are always there), mantra (affirmation and chanting), visualization of healing all the body systems, including the fluctuations in the mind, (how we perceive our life from our conditioning and experiences), yoga Nidra (conscious sleep meditation), somatics (slow gentle movements which develop higher consciousness and deeper awareness in the subtle body.)

Tricia is a movement specialist, offering therapeutic work to help clients listen to their bodies in order to understand the how, where and why there is separation between their mind, body and spirit. Using these tools develops and deepens the clients’ awareness so they may connect to their inner wisdom and see beyond their story in order to facilitate their journey toward realizing their own innate wholeness and capacity to heal.

Tricia was employed by Therapy Solutions physical therapy clinic in Richland, WA where she collaborated with a mental health counselor to help her clients use yoga techniques to reconnect their bodies to their minds and to successfully break through long standing barriers to healing. She also facilitated the workshop “Accepting Change” sponsored by the clinic. She served in Richland, WA as a Yoga Therapist at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center and the Charbonneau Independent Senior Living Community. She has a solid record of successfully applying therapeutic yoga techniques to patients with specific health conditions and to those individuals desiring a complementary approach to managing stress and healing from injury and disease, including Parkinson’s, MS, cancer, and scoliosis.

In 2006 Tricia was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Her passion is to educate diabetics on how living with chronic disease is more mentally challenging than anything else. Her aspiration is to help diabetics learn to use yoga to develop mindfulness in their lives so that they make better diet and lifestyle choices, reducing their risk of diabetic complications.

In April 2015, Tricia completed a Yin-Yang Yoga training with Sarah Power, “Insight Yoga, Playing with Possibilities, Working with Obstacles”.

B.S. Business Administration, Columbia University

Moksha Yoga Center 200 Hr. Training, Chicago, IL

The College of Purna Yoga E-200 Hr. Training, Bellevue WA

Integrative Yoga Therapy 500 Hr. Training, Kripalu, Lenox, MA

Integrative Yoga Therapy 1000 Hr. Training [In Progress]

Vinyasa Krama: The Energetics of Sequencing 40 Hr., PARA Yoga

Functional Yoga Therapy 40 Hr., Tucson, AZ

From the Ground up, 20 Hr., Chicago, IL

Member, IYAT [International Association of Yoga Therapists]

Tonya WilliamsInstructor

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