F.H.L. PODCAST Episode 3.0

Written by GymAdmin on September 9, 2016

This is Episode 3.0, and this week we have a special guest RYAN EPPERSON! He is a personal trainer, strengthening coach, preacher, athlete, and all around great guy! My wife even stops by to talk...

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Episode 1.0

Written by GymAdmin on August 8, 2016

Its finally, finally here! After a slight delay, and my server going down, the first episode in its entirety is available now!! My wife Jennifer stops by on this ceremonious, inaugural episode. She talks about...

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FHL Podcast Episode 0.5

Written by GymAdmin on July 19, 2016

This is my first episode and I am happy to bring it to you. I am giving some information about myself, about what the future holds for this podcast, and much more all packed into...

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