Written by Sweti Admin on March 14, 2019


Join us at Fitness:1440 Fredericksburg for a celebration of health and fun in conjunction with the Stafford County Fire Department.

  • Family-friendly event — bring the kiddos to explore and experience a real-life fire truck and ambulance
  • Free Community Classes — we will be hosting outdoor classes including Body Combat, Body Attack, and Bootcamp
  • Individual and Team Competitions against our local firefighters. Do you have what it takes to challenge our first responders?
  • Local vendors coming together to support our community and our first responders


Are you up for some friendly competition?

We will be setting up some physical competitions for the Firefighters and Public to perform.

Fire Truck Push: Team up in this timed event to push a Fire Truck push across the parking lot.  This will be between competition between different Fire Stations as well as teams comprised of members and non-members alike.

First Responders Obstacle Course: What does it take to be a first responder? This obstacle course will entail all the requirements of the job including a hill sprint, tire flip, atlas stone carry, lunges with a slosh pipe, sledge hammer swings, and a final sprint carrying a fire hose.  All to be done while wearing a 50lb vest on. 

Interested in participating? RSVP below so we can get you on the list! If you have a team you’d like to partner up with– that’s great! We will also be putting teams together so if you’re up for the challenge, let us know.


Our hope is to welcome the entire community to come and participate. Members, families, kids, and guests are all welcome so please join us and share your support for all the hard work our first responders do to keep up safe!


RSVP if you will be joining us or wish to participate in our friendly competitions!