The NEW TireFlip 180!

Written by GymAdmin on May 24, 2019

Our NEW Tireflip 180 is the perfect full-body exercise machine. With a starting resistance of 100 lbs, it’s perfect for beginners. The TireFlip 180 also allows you to add up to 80 pounds of additional free-weight resistance so users of all abilities are sure to get a great workout. Get creative and take your workout to the next level. Included weight post storage keeps our floor neat, safe and orderly. Tire flips cover all the bases—your core, back, legs, arms, and shoulders. Just be careful when you bend to pick the tire up. Leave your ego at home! If you need a lighter tire, make the switch or ask for a alternative workout at first. You can risk serious injury if you are bending at the hips and using your back instead of bending at the knees and using your full body and engaged core to lift and push. The design of the half tire turns this into a perfect group training device as well. The new open frame design allows users to step in as they flip making a more natural motion. Saving gym space and appearance, our members will be sure to ‘flip’ for the TireFlip 180! Use the tire for step-ups, tire (box) jumps, decline push-ups, elevated burpees, anything you can think of!

Now, let’s put it all together. Here’s a glimpse (example) of how we would combine the exercises we discussed. Warm up with a 10-minute run/walk followed by dynamic stretching. This is crucial; DON’T FORGET TO STRETCH!

We have the circuit broken down into three groups of three exercises. All nine exercises equal one round. You may take a rest after every third exercise, if needed. If not, power through until you complete one full round. Then, take 1-2 minutes rest.

Tire Circuit, 3 Rounds:
1. Box Jump (On Tire) 20 reps
2. Decline Push-Up 10 reps
3. Toe Touch 15 reps each leg, optional rest
4. Broad Jump Over Tire 15 reps
5. Triceps Dip 15 reps
6. Back-and-Forth Tire Flip 6-8 reps, optional rest
7. Pop Squat Jump 20 reps
9. Step-Up 15 reps each leg
10. Lateral Jump 10 reps each side, rest 1-2 minutes