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We are focused on delivering personalized and innovative training programs to each of our clients. Our trainers, staff, and instructors are always available to help you achieve your fitness goals and improve your overall health.

John HearnStaff

Fitness:1440 Longview Manager. My name is John Hearn. I’m a sports fanatic –Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys fan. I love lifting weights and being in the gym atmosphere. My favorite workout is shoulders, and my favorite food is steak and tators!

Traci BondInstructor

As a native of Longview, I love to see our community flourish and the people in it thrive. I have been with Fitness 1440 from day 1, and I am passionate about the evening boot camp classes that I teach. It thrills me to see people from all walks of life come together for the ultimate goal of living healthy. I enjoy staying active with my son, Carson, and exploring the outdoors with my husband, Tony. Traveling and experiencing new things excite me and keep me motivated in life. In my free time, you will find me enjoying a warm fire outside by the grill as we spend time with friends and family.

Lani WalkerTrainer

My name is Lani Walker and I am 25 years old. I’m from Longview, but I graduated from Liberty High. I started my fitness journey in 2015 when I decided I was tired of food being the only thing that made me happy. I needed to learn self-love, and nothing gave me that feeling more than running. I ran my first half marathon that year and lost over 40 pounds. I had finally found my true passion, fitness. I loved how happy I made myself feel about my own body and I wanted others to experience the same with their own body. I enrolled in ISSA and became a certified personal fitness trainer. I’m constantly striving to keep up with new fitness techniques and better myself, not only for my own benefit but for my clients also. I want to help you reach your fitness goals and feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

David LewisTrainer

My name is David Lewis, I am a Certified Personal Trainer. Fitness has helped Me overcome a lot of  rough times over the past years and I just kinda stuck with it. I made a decision to pursue a career in something that I LOVED. So it wasn’t a hard choice. I found my home here at Fitness:1440. And I am grateful to be here and look forward to helping you meet your fitness goals.

Josh MosleyTrainer

Grambling State University


NCCProfessional PT personal trainer


Sports training, speed and explosive training, strength training, bodybuilding, powerlifting, Nutrition, Hunting, movies



  • 8+ years Sport Specific Training, speed and explosive training, film study
  • Former Division IAA Football player
  • 7 yrs Semi Professional football player (GDFL, MPFL)
  • 3 yrs Arena football player
  • 5+ championships
  • 3 years youth select football coach
  • 2 years Denton High School Girls athletic Strength and conditioning coach
  • 10+ trained professional athletes
  • 15+ athletes receiving full scholarships

Crystal HillTrainer

PIYO, Turbo Kick Boxing, Group Fitness, Personal Training

9 years

Growing up with a family history of heart disease and obesity, my passion for wanting to change that trend started at an early age.  I have been certified/teaching health and fitness for 9 years.  I specialize in mobility training, weight loss and functional training.  I enjoy working with children and adults over the age of 55 although, I am extremely happy to help ANYONE achieve their healthiest and happiest life.


  I am married and have two boys (18 and 9).  I am the oldest of three girls and extremely close to my sisters and my mom.  I graduated from Grand Prairie High school in 1993 and have lived in East Texas since 1994.  I enjoy wakeboarding, cooking, being at the lake or the ocean, sewing, spending time with my boys, my chickens and my German Shepherd “Ernie”.  I am an animal advocate, a Momma Bear, and health enthusiast!

Brenna BoopStaff

My name is Breanna, I’ve been working at Fitness 1440 since February of this year. I have 2 girls that are my world. I enjoy being outdoors and having an active lifestyle. I have been working with children for the past 7 years and I love doing so to be able to see them grow and having fun.

Eber VazquezStaff

Hi my name is Eber. I have been with Fitness 1440 since almost day one. I’ve been around the fitness industry since I was 13. Definitely love working out it’s one favorite things to do, I’m very passionate for what I do. Besides that I love to eat!

Thomas PriceStaff

Hello, my name is Thomas Price; I just moved to Longview from a small town. I currently started at Fitness:1440 to help challenge the mind and body of those around me in my community. One of my biggest motivations is not only to encourage, but too help, and show our members the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. 

And in order to do so let me explain a little about myself, Growing up sports where always a must because it taught me discipline, and persistence through hard work and dedication. It also showed me the benefits of living an active lifestyle.

When I’m not at work or being active I’m consistently reading to find new ways to challenge myself and my family beyond our current limitations therefore I believe Fitness:1440 is a perfect place for me, my family and our guest to accomplish those goals.

Stephanie DowningStaff

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