1440HRT FAQ's


What is heart rate training?

Heart rate training is using the heart rate during exercise to measure intensity and estimate caloric burn. It is incredibly valuable in sports specific training where endurance needs can differ, and can be a great tool for the person wanting to make a true physiological change with exercise.

What HR Zone should I target?

For maximum results, look to attain an orange zone within 5-7minutes of starting your             workout.

What is my caloric burn target?

As a woman, your goal is 500 calories burned per workout. As a man, the goal is 800

Can I use the HRM outside of the club ?

Yes, our hrm is detectable by several apps, including WAHOO RunFit, Strava, MapMyRide and others.

How do I clean  my HRM?

Your strap should be cleaned regularly ( briefly in soapy water and rinsed thoroughly ) not the pod.

How do I wear my strap?

            The strap must be flat all the way around your torso and the monitor must be right side up. You must find the sweet spot for your monitor. For some, it is the center. For others, it is just left of center.

What about batteries?

Batteries can be purchased at any retail store or are for sale here at our club for $2/ea.

Why a Heart Rate Strap over a Wrist Device?

For us it boils down to accuracy. chest strap is decided more accurate due to the optical reader on the wrist strap being easily fooled by movement that allows light. , since the radial pulse is measured with a wrist device and it is further from the heart, the recorded heart rate is also affected.