Our Service Plan vs. Other Clubs

Other Clubs Service Plan

Once You Join

(LA Fitness, Workout Anytime, Anytime Fitness & Lifetime)

  1. Set you up with the “Personal Training” manager for 30 min workout and then a 30-minute high pressure sales presentation.
  1. You are then offered 1 Option for service; 12-month agreement for 1-3 session per week at $30-$50 per session. ($200-$360 per month)
  1. If you don’t purchase any personal training you are left to fend for yourself and try to figure out how you can get results and use the equipment.
  1. No follow up from the training manager, your sales person or the club of any kind. Most people stop using the club and never get results

Fitness 1440 Service Plan

Once You Join

(We Make Sure You Stick With Your Program)

  1. Appointment with FitPro for 2 HRS of service. NMO(review of fitness goals, equipment orientations and fitness assessment). FIT(24 min workout and review of Eval results and program recommendations)
  1. We offer you 5 different service option for you to choose from and we customize a workout for you no matter what.
  1. You are able to meet with YOUR Fitpro every 4-6 weeks to make sure you are getting results and ask any questions.
  1. Monthly follow up by your Fitpro & the club via email, calls, social media, monthly newsletter or/and text.

Bottom line, we make sure that once you become a member with us we do everything we can do to help make sure you get results and stick with your program.