Staff Spotlight – Patty Ferrer

Written by Fitness1440Marietta on June 28, 2016

We want to shine the light on Patty this month and let her know how much we appreciate all her hard work and dedication to Fitness 1440 Marietta.

Patty has been with the club since 2007 and anyone who has come into contact with her knows how wonderful she is. Her personality is infectious and her work ethic is unequaled.  Many of you may not be aware that Patty actually used to wake up at 3am to open the club at 4:30.

Patty has been a huge help with all aspects of the operation. Not only is she the Manager On Duty but she helps with getting new members started and keeping the club clean.

We are truly lucky to have someone like Patty here at the club. Please show your appreciation for Patty by letting her know how lucky we ALL are to have someone like her.

In the month of July we celebrate all things Patty as part of Patty-palooza.