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We are focused on delivering personalized and innovative training programs to each of our clients. Our trainers, staff, and instructors are always available to help you achieve your fitness goals and improve your overall health.

Jason Alles - OwnerStaff

Jason was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He played baseball, basketball and football from the time he was 6 and all through high school. Both his father and grandmother were in the fitness business in the 60’s and 70’s. In 1981 Jason’s father, Jerry Alles, founded one or the most innovative health club chains…Sportslife. He began his career working for Sportslife at the age of 14.
Over the next 16 years Jason rose through the ranks of Sportslife from working in childcare, housekeeping and the front desk to eventually running multiple clubs and was responsible for generating $3.5 million-$4 million per year, per Sportlife location.
After Sportslife was sold to Crunch Fitness, Jason started a consulting business specializing in health club consulting. His passion for sales brought him back as Vice President of Sales & Marketing with Better Bodies Fitness in Oregon where he increased production by 215% over a 6 month period.
He then became General Manager and then Area Director for 24-hour Fitness, a multi-million dollar health club chain in Oregon.
Jason Alles was just recently the Vice President of Just Fitness 4U and provided management over 7 clubs.
Jason currently service as the General Manager of Fitness 1440 in Marietta.

Amanda - General ManagerTrainer

Amanda was born and raised in GA. Amanda graduated from Pope High school in Marietta GA in 1991. As a teenager Amanda was very active in Gymnastics and Cheer leading. After High school Amanda started gaining weight by the time she was 37 years old she was 300 pounds. Amanda made the decision that she would not enter into her 40’s overweight and unhealthy. Amanda took control and joined a gym and hired a Personal Trainer with the help of her Trainer she lost 150 lbs. Amanda lost the weight and began living a healthy lifestyle . After going through it herself she wanted to find a way to help others change their lifestyle . Amanda turned her experience into a Passion for Fitness . Amanda is now a Zumba Instructor, FitPro ,and Assistant Manager here at Fitness 1440 . Fitness has become her passion and she wants to help you find your passion for Fitness . Amanda is no longer worried about being in her 40’s she is now forty and fit .

Carole - Trainer Fit ProTrainer

Carole’s passion is helping seniors maximize their fitness, taking into consideration any physical limitations her clients may have. “Over my 28 years as a physical therapist, I saw firsthand how general fitness can make all the difference after an injury. Accidents will happen, but those who were regular exercisers recovered much more quickly than those who were sedentary prior to their accident.”
Carole uses the functional training approach, with most exercises performed while standing. In this way, the whole body works in a coordinated way, like normal daily activities.
Carole graduated from Georgia State University with a BS in Physical Therapy in 1985. She retired from P.T. in 2013. She began personal training with seniors after obtaining her ACE Personal Training certificate in 2012. She also has her Health Coaching certification from ACE, obtained in 2014.

Andrew Bazzell - Fit Pro TrainerTrainer

Andrew Bazzell is a hardworking, goal oriented, fitness instructor of many talents. After graduating Sprayberry High School, he went on to pursue a passion for stunt performing and acting in Atlanta. Four the past four years, he has been going under extensive training through various martial arts and acrobatic training such as capoeira, jeet kune do, kali, boxing, and muay thai. Over the recent years, his progression has allowed him the opportunity to perform as a stuntman for commercials and theater such as AT&T and other local plays. As a recent ACE certificate holder, Andrew Bazzell has found a passion in helping others acquire fitness through martial arts, basic weight training, and various methods of cardio.
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Alvin Jordan - Fit Pro TrainerTrainer

Hello fitness family, I am Al Jordan a fitness pro with Fitness 1440. I was born and raised in Georgia, moreover, fitness and athletics have been a huge part of my life. From my early years as youth and up to the collegiate level, I have been a stand out athlete due to my training. I am currently a Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA, and my training style consists strength and endurance training, as well as, core and flexibility training. I have a strong passion for health and fitness, also, I’m very willing to help others along their fitness journey. When I am not at the gym or training, I enjoy a variety of sports such as, football, basketball, baseball, boxing, and pretty much anything that involves competition. Some of my hobbies are a of course working out, jogging, DJing, gaming, traveling, wine, and enjoying the occasional evening out.

Tona - Group Fitness InstructorInstructor

– Started in the fitness field in 2006. After receiving her ACE personal training certification in 2007 and working with older adults she went through training and started teaching the Silver Sneakers program. Tona has also received certifications in Yoga, Mat Pilates, R.I.P.P.E.D, Spin, and Tabata. Fitness is a passion of hers that shows in her class rooms.

Diane - Group Fitness InstructorInstructor

– For the past 5 years I have been teaching Water aerobics, Silver Sneakers yoga for seniors designed for those who have expressed a desire for more flexibility, balance and muscular endurance. For past 1 1/2 years I have taught Qigong for those who desire to improve balance, deep breathing and focus.

Lilana - Group Fitness InstructorInstructor

– Hi! I’m Liliana Piñón and I’ve been teaching zumba At this gym since 2010. I hope to see you soon in class! Ditch the Workout join the party !! Every Saturday At 11:00 am

Bobbie Bourne - Group Fitness InstructorInstructor

– Bobbie Ann was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Bobbie graduated from Riverwood High School in 1982. Growing up Bobbie was always active playing sports in school and in the early 1980’s enjoyed doing aerobic classes in the gym and wanted to start teaching so in 1984 got certified and and has taught many different classes that have come and gone through the years. She has taught slide, step, water aerobics, spinning, muscle conditioning, aerobics and Silver sneakers. Married with five children she did her first All Natural Bodybuilding Competition show in Cape Cod, Ma in October 2003 after her fourth child and then after her fifth child she did another All Natural Bodybuilding Competition in Atlanta, Georgia in September 2006. Bobbie Ann has a passion for fitness and enjoys her job and what it does to keep her members in shape and healthy life style. She has been working at the gym since December 2003 and has built many friendships and this is a wonderful place to work.

Jeff Morris - Group Fitness InstructorInstructor

Jeff has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years and has been teaching in the Atlanta area at a variety of gyms and yoga studios for more than 3 years. A lifelong competitive runner, Jeff tried a yoga class to help with his running and racing and was quickly hooked on the benefits of improving his balance, breathing and flexibility. His classes are appropriate for all levels- beginner to advanced and always include deep stretching, yoga flows and a little balance to leave you feeling great for the rest of the day- a perfect way to start your Sunday morning. Jeff’s class has been described as fun, loose and relaxed – with plenty of help and encouragement.
Jeff’s an Atlanta native and is a Global Vice President for a major real-estate firm. When he’s not in a yoga class he’s out running or on the golf course.

Nannette (Nan) - Certified Water Aerobics InstructorInstructor

–As a Long Island, New York native, Nan spent her early years either on or in the water. She taught swimming and water skiing and has always been a big fan of water sports.
After many years in the corporate world, Nan decided that it was time to retire and have some fun. A Silver Sneakers membership card arrived in her mail shortly thereafter. Knowing that a year round pool was available at Fitness 1440 for Silver Sneakers members, she immediately signed up for water aerobics classes. One year later, she answered the call for a substitute water aerobics instructor. Within 6 months, Nan received her SCW water aerobics certification.
Nan has a real passion for what she does, knows the names of the majority of her students, and often spends time after class working individually with any student who needs help or assistance. She will take the time to work one-on-one with anyone who needs a specific group type of exercise or strength training in the water. She considers herself a “work in progress”.

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