The Secret to Fail-Proof Resolutions

Written by SWETI Services on January 7, 2019

Fitness 1440 Reveals the Top Ten 'Fail Proof' Secrets to Making Your Fitness Resolutions a Reality Read on for 10 Fail Proof Resolution Tips from our experts at Fitness 1440: 1. Visualize your end result....

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Coming in January– the STRONGEST Group Ex Program

Written by SWETI Services on December 17, 2018

Our New Year's Resolution: To have the strongest and most fit group exercise schedule of any gym in Nashville. Check out the upcoming class schedule launching this January (try and look at it without breaking a sweat!)  ...

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August Newsletter and Nutrition Tips

Written by SWETI Services on August 1, 2018

Summer’s Smart Guide to Food and Fitness Find out how to stay swimsuit-ready and feast on scrumptious summer fare with advice from a Fitness 1440 Trainer . PLUS: Recipes straigh from Café 1440 Kitchen! Make a...

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July Newsletter and Nutrition Tips

Written by SWETI Services on July 3, 2018

Restaurant Meals You Can Eat Without Guilt You can order mouth-watering and healthy dishes at these nationwide restaurants without wrecking your waistline. Afraid you won't be able to find anything diet-friendly on the menu when...

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