Get a Bigger Kick Out of Exercising at Fitness Boot Camps

Written by hs-motus on July 14, 2020

Out of regular exercisers, 36% participate in some sort of fitness class. Group fitness classes at your local gym are a great way to get fit and stay fit. In fact, group workouts can help give you more stamina while you enjoy working out with others around you. After a while, you may want to switch things up and add a little more oomph to your workout. Have you thought about taking bootcamp classes? Do you even know what bootcamp classes are?

This type of fitness class is in a league all on its own. Think of bootcamp with a twist. You get the best of both worlds, being able to feel the burn of traditional boot camp in a smaller gym group format. When you sign up for bootcamp classes at your local family friendly gym, you can select the precise number of sessions you would like to have for the times you are available. Gather your friends, coworkers, and family and get ready to workout hard enough to build better strength and endurance together.

Go Old School with Bootcamp Classes

Today gyms are experimenting with boot camp workouts meant to somewhat model old-school military training. Did you just cringe? You shouldn’t. There is something to be said about getting workouts that build agility, strength, and endurance like no other. You’ll be able to conquer more than just your daily routine. You’ll find an abundance of energy that helps you expand goals when it comes to workout challenges too.

What Exactly Is a Boot Camp Workout?

Boot camp workouts vary per gym or fitness center. Some fitness centers give you the ability to pick a mix of exercises including strength training, intense aerobic workouts, and speed elements. Some bootcamp classes may stress military-style drills while others focus on calisthenics. More than likely you can expect to do some pushups, pullups, crunches, lunges, sprints, and drills. Think of it as interval training with bursts of rather intense activities. Some lighter activity is also included so you get a well-rounded workout.

Boot Camp Workouts Make You Work Out Like You Mean It

There are many different types of exercises included in a bootcamp class. Most have been designed to work out the lower and upper body as well as the core. It’s actually a rather comprehensive workout. Consider it to be similar to a CrossFit workout just with less exercise equipment. The emphasis is on functional total-body training. Functional training is a type of training that strengthens the body without exercise equipment and prepares your body for activities such as lifting things and climbing stairs. You are essentially learning how to carry your body and strengthen it while improving fitness and burning calories.

The Benefits of Boot Camp Workouts Are Exciting

The goal of a boot camp class is to be more of a challenge within an intense, varied workout. There is little or no need for special equipment either. The best part of this type of high-energy training is the sense of camaraderie you feel among other participants. You truly get to know boot campmates in the mix of vigorous activities with short breaks for resting.

Get ready to maximize your fitness gains in a short period of time. A bootcamp class helps heart rates hit 77% of the maximum, which is well within the range people need to hit to improve physical fitness per the American College of Sports Medicine. If you are a fan of working out to condition your body and improve your strength, then bootcamp classes are perfect for you.

Hit the Physical Activity Needed to Be a Healthy Adult

Sign up for bootcamp workouts at your local gym. They can assist you in meeting the recommended physical activity levels for healthy adults. Per the Department of Health and Human Services, healthy adults need a good mix of aerobic activity and strength training to stay fit. Check out bootcamp classes to get a good dose of both.