1440 FUNCTION Small Group Training


1440Function – Small Group Personal Training
Strength in numbers. With 1440Function, you can train with up to 8 members building strength and muscle, cardiovascular endurance and focusing on fueling your workouts with proper nutrition. Choose from 1x, 3x’s or as many times a week as you’d like for a low price. We offer 5 formats of classes each designed for you with you in mind. Every workout is scalable to you and your abilities. Target 24 – High Intensity Interval Training based program made up of 4 strength exercises and 4 cardio based exercises.

Torch – Cardio based programming that institutes plyometric movements, HIIT modalities via cardio
equipment (airdyne, rower & free runner) with strength (weight bearing) and conditioning movements
with shorter rest period added in.

Power – Strength based programming that includes varying rep and set schemes to encourage maximal muscle endurance, growth, power and strength. Olympic movements will be included with longer rest periods added in.

Hybrid Torch & Power – Cardio and Strength based program for an all in one fat incinerating workout. Fuel – Nutritional based support to encourage maximum benefit from above 4 classes. Work with members to review meals, timing & what and how to eat for success. Personalized nutrition plans can be purchased.