After 2 kids and about close to 80 pounds of extra weight, I found my self confidence was gone, I was completely uncomfortable in my own skin and I saw it affecting my life in so many ways.. It affected my activities with my children, my marriage and I was miserable! I finally made the decision that enough was enough!!! I joined Fitness 1440- Plantation, Florida and was deathly afraid to enter the gym by myself! I didn’t think that I would EVER have the confidence to walk in and just start working out on my own. At first I took a friend as a guest just so I would not have to be alone. My mother was already a member of the gym so I would tag along with her as well. I was urged to use my 2 free training sessions that came along with my new membership and in those 2 days I could not believe how much I learned! It’s been almost 6 months now and about 35 pounds down.. and although my confidence is no where near what it was 10 years ago before having children, I have come so much further than I could have imagined! Not only have I overcome my fear of being alone in the gym but I crave to go to the gym most days! It has brought me closer to my mother as we still occasionally train together, as well as my husband and my best friend (this is where we spend the majority of our timing actually hanging out together) who has also made the same decision to change her life style and get fit with me! The staff and members of Fitness 1440 have been so nice and so helpful and I have never felt out of place or less than anybody else because I am not “as fit” as others or as capable of completing certain exercises as clearly I am still building my strength and learning! I am so thankful for an amazing staff who isn’t there just to oversee things but seem to actually care for each of their members and want to be there every step of the way to see them succeed in their goals! Thanks Fitness 1440!!!

– Samara Negron