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We are focused on delivering personalized and innovative training programs to each of our clients. Our trainers, staff, and instructors are always available to help you achieve your fitness goals and improve your overall health.

Ritchie BrawleyTrainer

Ritchie Brawley is a Managing Partner as well as  Director of Personal Training and Group Fitness for Fitness 1440 Martin. He is a very established trainer and instructor, and has worked very hard on his craft.  He knows the in’s and out’s of the gym and is very knowledgeable in his practice.

Rob HengerStaff

Rob is the Managing Partner for Fitness 1440 Martin, as well as Director of Mortgage Banking for FirstBank. He lives in Birmingham, AL with his wife Tiffany of 23 years. His Daughter, Sophia, attends The University of Alabama. His son, Nick attends Vestavia High School. Rob is a seasoned business leader and hobby entrepreneur. He holds an undergraduate degree from Gettysburg College. Rob is an Eagle Scout and member of Grace Methodist Church. He has always been involved in his children’s active lives with Scouting, football, lacrosse, soccer, track and field, band, church, and more.

Marlee WarmathStaff

Marlee is a Managing Partner as well as Member Engagement Coordinator. She is a native of Martin and enjoys working with people in the fitness industry and helping people meet their goals. She runs the show and does all the behind the scenes work. She has a degree from the UTM in Ag Business and has been a wonderful asset to our team.

Kaylie MartinStaff

Kaylie is a native of Martin and is currently pursuing a degree at UTM in HHP. She is an avid workout junky and very well equipped to answer any questions you may have about the gym, equipment or memberships. She will be there to help in anyway she can and we are glad to have her in our Fitness 1440 Family.

Tim TidwellInstructor

Tim has been a nurse for 15 years and is a United States Marine Corps veteran. Tim became a REFIT instructor October 2018 and is very passionate about it. REFIT is movement to music. No matter your age, gender, size, or fitness level, we all fit at REFIT. Join the REFIT Revolution today!

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Tami WinstonTrainer

Tami is a personal trainer, certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, currently working toward her nutrition certification. She also teaches group fitness at the Martin location. Away from work, she is an avid multi-sport athlete and has competed at a national level on several occasions.

She understands the challenges of training and exercise and the commitment, dedication, and perseverance that goals require.

Her passion in life is staying in top physical health and fitness and dedicating her time to helping her clients reach their own personal health goals.

Carrie BrawleyInstructor

Extreme Cycling Instructor

Ashlie WeaksInstructor

Extreme Cycling Instructor

Alysha BevillStaff

Alysha is from Paris, TN and is currently pursuing her degree at UTM in Animal Science. She has been a great asset to our team and we are happy to have her. She can help you with any questions you may have about the gym, equipment or memberships.

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