Smoothie Bar is OPEN!

Written by GymAdmin on June 11, 2019

DELICIOUS, all- natural, gluten-free smoothies with non-gmo ingredients and NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS or ADDED SUGARS are now available and open to the public during our staffed hours of 9am-9pm M-F 8am-5pm Sat or 9am-1pm Sun.


Our 20 0z smoothies are simply made with fruit/veggie puree (crushed fruits and veggies, like baby food!),  freeze dried/dehydrated fruits, veggies and extracts, high quality whey or plant proteins and ice, that’s it! We offer shakes from 180-600+ calories with 20g-40g of protein and some options have less than 5g of sugar, other options only contain the natural sugars from the fruits and protein, no filler!


Green members receive a monthly “Smoothie Card” rewarding them with our Buy 5, Get 1 FREE promotion! Try one of our favorites like the I Love Veggies, Strawberry Slam, Peanut Butter Cup Lite, Java Jolt or Mo’ Mass!