Addressing COVID-19

Fitness 1440 Conyers is doing several things to help ensure staff and club members are in a safe environment.  

Fitness 1440 Conyers will adhere to the CDC Guidelines. We require:

  1. Masks or face coverings to check into the club
  2. Temperature checks
  3. Social Distancing

Fitness 1440 Conyers installed a Surface and Air Purification System which uses ROS Technology.

  1. Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) is a technology that has been used for over
    15-years for industrial air and surface purification.
  2. Continuous 24/7, virtually maintenance-free operation, air and surface pathogens,
    including mold, fungi, and viruses (and coronavirus) are killed at a rate up to 99%
  3. Widely used in places such as military facilities

Fitness 1440 Conyers installed hand sanitizer stations in the club.

Fitness 1440 Conyers utilizes recycled air in the fitness center.