Real Resultz

Real Resultz Service System

Real Resultz Service System offers our Fitness 1440 Conyers club members programs and services designed to get the results you are looking for with the help of a Fitness Professional (FitPro).

Real Resultz ensures that all club members are given the best chance to succeed with their fitness program by providing proper assessment, education and programming which helps the club member stay focused and have a great opportunity to get great results and have fun.

Fitness 1440’s Conyers mission is to have every member involved in some aspect of the Real Resultz Service System.

Come in and learn more about our Real Resultz Service System. Fitness 1440 Conyers looks forward to helping YOU get RESULTS.

Fitness 1440 Conyers Service Plan For Club Members

(We Help You Focus on Your Program)

  1. Appointment with FitPro for 2 HRS of service to review fitness goals, provide equipment orientation and fitness assessment. The 2 HRS also include a 24-minute workout and an evaluation of your fitness level and provide program recommendations that will help YOU get RESULTS!

  2. YOU will have follow-up sessions with YOUR FitPro every 4-6 weeks as well as monthly communications from your FitPro and the Fitness 1440 Conyers team