Group Fitness Classes

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BARBELL STRONG: Weight training that creates serious results and strong bodies. Barbells help build all major muscle groups in this strength-training class. It’s absolute, positive power.

Step & Strike: This fusion class of step and boxing that will work your entire body and get your heart rate racing.

Kettlebell Amped: Functional fitness for maximum performance. This class offers high energy, cardio and strength sports-conditioning drills with kettlebells and plyometric training.

HIIT: Combine strength training, cardio, and endurance in this ultimate high-intensity interval format. It leaves you breathless with intense, incredible results.

Fit Strike: Blaze through a day’s worth of cardio in thirty flat. Burn through explosive drills in a high-intensity challenge that demands everything you’ve got and incinerates your goals before you know it.

Bootcamp: You can command Power, Strength, and Agility with this military-inspired circuit workout that will push you to your limits. As you maneuver your way through each workout station, you’ll lunge, crunch, box and more for a full body workout. In the end

Killer Core: Killer Core is a 30-minute class utilizing various props such as free weights and your own body weight…

Tai Chi: Discover the benefits of this ancient form of martial arts which will improve balance, agility, strength, and coordination. This unique class will help you flow through your everyday life. 55-minute workout.

Fusion Flow Yoga: Reconnect your mind and body with fluid poses and stretches that will warm your muscles in a completely new and challenging way….


Take the “work” out of your workout as you let the rhythms take over. Zumba mixes low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party, for everybody and everybody. Want to burn calories and have fun? Then Zumba is for you.

Silver and Fit:

The active seniors do a mix of weights and stretching

Silver Sneakers: The active seniors do a mix of weights, Bands and stretching all from a Chair.

Hip Hop: This dance class will make you smile while you sweat. While combining easy-to-follow dance moves of fast and up to date with all the styles out there…

Dance Fit:

Come join the fun in this high energy, fat burning class, with easy-to-follow routines. Keep your body in shape with this dance-inspired class that won’t even feel like a workout. 55 Minute Workout.

PRIME TIME High Octane:

Get ready to ignite your workout! This format will get your heart racing as you combine high-intensity cardio moves with weights.


Come join the fun in this dance-inspired high energy, fat burning class, with easy-to-follow dance steps. That will Keep your body in shape and won’t even feel like a workout.

Cardio Funk:

Utilizing pumpin’ music from the 80’s, 90’s and today’s hits, Cardio Funk will get you sweatin’ and groovin’ while dance.

About Dance: A professional dance instructor teaches you fun combinations to popular dance music. Styles may include jazz, modern, funk and hip hop.


PiYo is an athletic blend of Yoga combined with mat Pilates designed to enhance muscle strength and length, improve …

Aqua Burn: No muscle will be missed in this Pool class! Work your total body with a variety of Movements that is designed to build strength. ALL IN THE POOL.

Target 24: Best with HR Monitor – Burn fat fast with high-intensity intervals. Start the burn with a body- blasting sculpting and calorie-crushing cardio bursts. Finish strong with serious abs! Maximize your results and burn over 500 Calories.

Body Blast: Best with HR Monitor – Body Blast is a dynamic class set up in a circuit training style. As you move from station to station, this class will keep you moving…

Boxing: Get up in arms. Punch, float and sting your way through this technique-based class designed to get you ready for your next title fight. Summon the firepower you need to attack heavy bags, speed bags, focus pads and jump ropes for the blistering cardio and upper body workout that makes boxing a time-honored tradition. 

Body Beat: Find the Warrior within through strength in knowledge of body and mind. Body Beat is a practice that requires a commitment from your mind and body. It is a fusion of styles inspired by multiple martial art forms and yoga practices.