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Director of Personal Training



Lauren WoodwardTrainer

My name is Lauren Woodward and I am a certified Personal Trainer and Keto Coach from Sydney Australia. I initially got my training certificate when I was just 18 years old. As someone always involved in sports, I fell into movement and bodywork naturally, but I was also passionate on pursuing a career in acting and film. That was a choice I made at 22 years old, and I moved from Sydney to Los Angeles to do just that. For the last 5 years of my life I have worked in production studios in Sydney, Los Angeles and most recently a recording studio in Nashville.

I look back at my memories fondly, however I am deeply grateful that my experiences also brought me back to health and fitness. Since getting back in full time in January 2017, I have worked with clients of all backgrounds, ages and ability. From swim squad for children to elderly strength training, HIIT to recovery stretching, I love working with people on their individual health goals. I have learnt the right patience and communication to teach these individuals how to train their bodies in a fun and safe environment.

Keto Coaching is another passion of mine! There is over a hundred years of research into nutritional ketosis as well as revolutionary findings on exogenous ketones that I feel should be taught and shared. The benefits of ketosis are incredibly powerful knowing that the greater population can benefit from an overall low carb, high fat diet approach. I have worked with many clients to facilitate their keto transformation!


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