How to Find the Right Gym for YOU

Written by FitnessAdmin on August 14, 2019
family friendly gyms

Whether you’re new to hitting the gym or a weekend warrior of many years, finding a gym that fulfills your needs is important to ensuring you enjoy exercising. Looking to swim laps until your lungs are on fire? Or is are weekly Zumba classes more your speed? No matter what you’re searching for when working out, these tips will help you land in the best place for your needs.


No matter what kind of workouts you prefer, it’s important to ask yourself what kind of people you’d like to be surrounded by at the gym. Like it or not, there are inevitably going to be people around when you’re getting your sweat on every day. Make sure those people don’t make you feel intimidated or, in some cases, overly competitive, jut by being there.

45% of millennials exercise regularly according to a Nielsen Global Consumer Exercise trends survey. Are you a single hoping to find your next great love at the gym? Or are you searching for family friendly gyms in your area? Some gyms even feature a day care service or social events if you’re searching for them!

Classes or Equipment?

When you’ve recently started working out, or just moved to a new area of town, it’s important to consider what you’d like to do each day you visit your local gym. Some facilities offer tons of awesome, interactive fitness classes, while others may have a wider range of equipment available to you. These factors vary greatly from gym to gym, so it’s imperative to have an understanding of how you’d like to sweat it out and find the best option for you!

Fitness Instructors

Lots of gyms will give prospective customers the opportunity to experience their equipment or workout classes, so make the most of that! Fitness classes are utilized by roughly 36% of regular exercisers, and this is a perfect opportunity to ensure the instructors match your needs. Whether you need someone to be your own personal drill sergeant during class, or a yoga instructor that truly embodies relaxation, the instructors make a huge difference to the success of these classes. And one size doesn’t always fit all!

Gyms that specialize in specific workouts, family friendly gyms, and speciality equipment continue to pop up in cities nationwide, so it’s likely no matter what you’re searching for, the perfect gym is out there waiting for you!