Weight Loss Goals and Workout Regimens: Tips to Keep you Motivated

Written by hs-motus on January 8, 2020
workout classes

Every new year’s resolution includes weight loss goals it seems. Some may decide to get fit at the house using a nutrition plan and workout videos. Some may include more physical activities in their workout plans. Some may decide that joining a gym is the best route. Some may even consider workout classes with the gym they’re already attending. Considering the vast number of gyms and fitness clubs available, over 180,000, worldwide it’s easy to see why gym memberships are so popular to those wanting to lose weight or stay fit. Sometimes making the choice to stay fit is the easy part, but keeping that choice and actually following through with going to the gym, working out or attending the workout classes you signed up is the hard part. Let’s explore some way to hold yourself accountable and make sure you get the max results from fitness centers memberships, fitness classes or workout classes you signed up for and are paying for.


Let’s face it, somethings in life are free, but we don’t value the free things as much as we value the things that we spend our hard earned money on. When you pay for something such as a gym membership or workout classes you are more likely to use them since, after all, you are spending money on them. Choosing memberships which require you to pay is an excellent way to make sure that you feel obligated to use what you are paying for. This means you will feel obligated to meet your weight loss goals.

Workout Buddy

There are some days that you honestly don’t feel like going to the gym, going for that run or going to workout classes. There is nothing wrong with feeling this way, but before you know it one day can turn into seven. Then a week turns into a month and before you know it you are not going at all and have returned to all of your old habits. Having a workout buddy can help with this. They can encourage you to go even on days when you don’t feel like going. They can encourage you to get back into the routine when you have taken a few days off. You as well can do the same. Together you can hold each other accountable, and you can celebrate reaching goals together. Having someone to share these moments with makes them more memorable so you feel inspired to reach your next goal.


With the amazing world of technology that we live in today is it any surprise that there are actually apps that can help you stick to your workout routine? Browse the app store for an app that matches your needs and wants. Some apps offer money for setting and reaching goals. Others send messages throughout the day to help remind you to stay on track with your food intake. Some help you by allowing you to set goals and then tracks your progress towards that goal. Putting a goal in writing is important, but seeing daily or weekly progress helps motivate you and keep discouragement from setting in.

Social Media

Some of the above-mentioned apps may require you to pay for them, but don’t forget the many social media platforms that are available for free. Utilize your current platforms to show off your results as well as have your friends and followers hold you accountable. They can help push you towards your next goal, and who knows you may find a workout buddy to join you in your group fitness classes or burn through those workout classes along with you.

Setting goals is important, but long term goals take some time to reach and far too often we can find ourselves getting bored during the process. Whether you are not seeing the results you want fast enough, you get tired of the same routine or you just don’t care anymore these tips can help you push through and continue. A healthy goal is important, and accomplishing that goal provides a rewarding feeling that can’t be beat.